Cape Bojeador:  the highest lighthouse in the Philippines

Cape Bojeador is considered to be the highest lighthouse in the Philippine archipelago as per record. Known to many as Burgos Lighthouse,  the said cape is also considered to be the most visited lighthouse in the country due to its accessibility.

.                            NHCP Marker
.                         The Lighthouse

I have been in Ilocos region for quite some time but this is the first time I have visited the lighthouse.  An operational one,  the said tourist destination was already declared a National Heritage by the National Historical Commission. Situated in the town of  Burgos,  province of Ilocos Norte,  you know you are in right direction when you see a light that flashes once every minute. 

Since the lighthouse became one of the most visited site in the province,  the pavilion area of the cape was transformed into mini museum showcasing different stuff used in the lighthouse. 

.     The first barometer used in the lighthouse
.    Quite not sure if it’s just a picture or a literal                            stairs in the pavilion
.                           A  floor covering
.          The room where the care taker sleeps

Built on year 1892,  March 30th to be exact,  this almost 100 year old structure still serve as a guide to those ships and cargo vessels passing in the West Philippine Sea.

.   The West Philippine Sea from the Lighthouse

While walking in the lighthouse hallway,  you will still  feel the sense of its beauty despite of the building’s old age. 

.                 One of the Lighthouse Hallway

As I walked in the light house hallway,  I even imagined how romantic it could be being serenaded by a man in this old yet elegant veranda.

.        The passageway going to the lighthouse

Before,  they allowed guests to climb up inside the lighthouse. But for the safety of their visitors and the aging condition as well of the entire tower,  the management already limit it.

As I leave the vicinity of the cape,  it give me a spark of wisdom.  That in every travel that I had,  there is always something that will mark. 

And for you Cape Bojeador,  despite all the strong winds,  typhoons and storms,  you stood firm despite the damage these natural calamities had caused you.  That if only humans like us face our problems with firm conviction,  maybe we will last long;  it may not be as old like your structure is,  but still,  we will stand up after each storm.

Happy Reading Everyone. 💜💜💜

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