Puerto Galera:  Not just a typical beach destination

When you asked someone what do they know about Puerto Galera,  majority of response you will get would be,   their pristine sand beaches.  I myself answer same as well before. But when I was given a chance to explore the said province by land from the Port of Calapan instead of Port Galleon,  my conception suddenly changed.

.                Taken from the Port of Calapan
.                         Me still at the Barge

Going to Puerto Galera,  you usually ride either a barge or the supercat from the Batangas City Port.  If you will be going in Galera for their sand beaches,  definitely,  you will be riding a boat that will drop you off to the Port Galleon.  

I have been in Puerto Galera for a lot of times already but this is the first time that I am going explore the said destination by land.  Yes,  it’s a new experience for me and part of that would be a ride in a rented motorcycle for you to reach the  sea shores of the said tourist destination.

Some of the tourist spots in Oriental Mindoro,  aside from the pristine sands that you will find in Puerto Galera beach,  are the majestic mountain of Mount Halcon,  the Calawang River and the Tamaraw Falls.  I’ve got a separate blog on those given tourist spots,  but let me cite you first the experience I had with Tamaraw Falls. 

Tamaraw Falls catches my attention because no need for you to hike,  trek or pass by any forest for you to reach it.  Yes,  you can easily witness the beauty of this God’s creation  because this falls is just situated along the national road. 

What added to its beauty is the unasymmetrical layers of the falls, that will lead you to a huge one as its water cascade until it reaches a catch basin. 

Water current is not yet strong when this picture was taken because I went there on summer season

How much more if rainy season, definitely the water cascading in the waterfalls aside from being too fast, it is too strong.
View with a Tamaraw
It is really along the national road isn’t it?

Taking pictures along the road is free of charge;  however on the other side of the road,  there is a man made pool where the water from the falls cascade on,  you have to pay for a certain fee.  

The man made pool wherein you have to pay an entrance fee

Few meters away from the falls

Though the entrance fee is really affordable,  I did not bother myself checking those layered man made pools. 

Why?  Because from the national road or on its top view,  pretty obvious that these man made pools are very near the cliff and by looking at it alone,  you know it is very slippery which I myself find it as well, too dangerous.  

I’ll post soon my blog regarding Calawang River

Happy reading😁


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