Miracles Happen in Manaoag

If there is something that you are really praying hard for,  they say, come and visit the Shrine of Manaoag.

At the altar

The Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag is around 5 hours away from Manila.  I rarely asked hard for a prayer but because I have something to asked for this time,   I travelled 6 hours hoping this particular request will be granted. 

Manaoag is one of a known town in the province of Pangasinan.  Many devotees come here to pay respect to Mama Mary. And if miracles are true,  I am claiming it right now. 

Same with Puerto Galera,  I have been in Manaoag for many times also but this is the first time that I do a solo trip. 

From the main entrance until I get inside the church to pay respect,  I already felt that blessing was already bestowed upon me.

In front of the Shrine

Before,  everytime I visit the Shrine with my family,  we just usually attend a mass then leave.  Unlike now that I do it myself,  I was able to explore the entire church.

Though I wasn’t able to hear a mass,  I was able this time to touch and kneel down to the Virgin Mary;  at the same time,  I also lit a candle which Daniel and I usually do in the Baguio Cathedral. 

Hoping for Miracles

But since he is not around with me on this trip,  I lit 2 candles for both of us. 

Another thing that fascinates me in this Shrine is the candle area wherein there is a floating candle tub. 

The Floating Candle Tub

Here,  you can light up a floating candles in different colors and shapes. The candle tub shapes like a leaf when you look at it on a top view.  In between the two candle tubs is a replica of the Blessed Virgin of Manaoag.

Before lightning the two candles I bought,  of course,  I requested for a personal petition and the other one is for me and Daniel,  to give us enough strength and guidance. 

Still in the candle area,  another thing caught again my attention when I saw those candles in the jars. 

I assume that those ones availing this type of candles has big petitions with them or maybe,  their request has already been granted.

As I mentioned,  I rarely explore the entire church area if I am with my family.  But because my little car also needs a rest,   I went this time on the Shrine’s Rosary Garden where you will see the different statues representing the mysteries of the holy rosary. Below are some of the statures I was able to capture.

The Ascension
The Crucifixion

One thing I liked with the Rosary Garden is the fountain on the center of it with a man made aquarium with lots of Kois on it. 

Staying in the Rosary Garden partly refreshes me from the negativity I had before going in Manaoag. The 6 hour drive going to the Shrine was replaced by a hope that through faith,  hopefully,  my request will also be granted same with other devotees returning back in the Shrine.👱

#hopingformiracles #manaoagblessedmeplease


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