Sunshine and Lake Water:  All in one in Pandin and Yambu Lake

San Pablo City,  one of the oldest city in the province of Laguna,  is known to have”the City of Seven Lakes”.  Yes,  it literary means a city that has seven lakes enclosed the city and have the chance to visit 4,  namely:  the Sampaloc Lake,  being the largest,  Palakpakin Lake,  Pandin and Yambu Lake.  I have a separate blogs on the first two but since Pandin and Yambu Lake are just divided by a hill that you have to climb up for you to see the other,  I just put them into one blog. 

Lake Pandin became popular when it was once feature in Jessica Soho. Known as the cleanest among the seven lakes that San Pablo City promotes,  the LGU now opens it to public also. 

One of the main highlights of this lake is eating in the balsa while the bangkera moving you around the lake. 

Unfortunately,  I wasn’t able to experience that because I went there Sunday and no cook is available that time to cook food for me;  but I was able to experience riding a balsa because Ate Sonia, one of the authorized bangkera in the lake was there. 

What I have observe while our balsa was moving around was the cleanliness of the lake.  As mentioned by ate Sonia,  the families within their community help one another to ensure that the lake is not abused. 

Before you reach the said tourist spot,  you have to walk a few minutes away from the national road.  I was fascinated seeing a buriko,  a male donkey,   on my way to the said destination.   It’s very rare nowadays that you can find a buriko else where.

You know you’re almost near the lake if you see a welcome lantern with specified rules once you enter within the vicinity. 

Yambu Lake,  which is only a hill climb up from Pandin is situated in between San Pablo City and Nagcarlan,  Laguna. 

Unlike Pandin Lake,  we weren’t able to reach it by balsa but Ate Sonia only took picture of me with it on the background because according to her,  for you to reach Yambu Lake,  you have to go in Nagcarlan, Laguna which is a town away from San Pablo City. 

Though I incur many bruises while climbing up to witness the beauty of Yambu Lake,  it is all worth it because riding a balsa is another additional experience for me. 

My balsa escapade lasted for almost an hour.  When I asked Ate Sonia if it is possible to swim in the lake,  she said yes,  provided that you wear a vest. 

Overall,  my Pandin and Yambu Lake escapade was such a fun and I’m looking forward to explore the remaining 3 lakes out of 7 if given enough time. 

Happy Reading 💛💛💛

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