Wonderful Cave: When the word Wonderful is not enough to describe you

There are lots of tourist destinations you can visit in Bolinao, Pangasinan. And to give emphasis on each wonderful creations made by God there,  I made a blog of each individually.   

Bolinao is known to be the Boracay of the North to many. But what others did not know is that,  there are many things you can do once you’re already on the said town.

I did a day trip – solo tour when I went on the said province.   Primarily because I have a limited time when I went there and it was actually my first time to go in an unknown place almost 6 hours away from Manila for a leisure. 

Yes,  Bolinao is a 6 hour trip away from Manila. Once you’re already on the said town,  there are lots of tricycle drivers who offer tour guide services for Php1000 and up.  I’m lucky enough I was able to avail one on their start up price since I was only there for a day trip. At the same time, my tour guide cum tricycle driver happens to be the son of the owner of the Wonderful Cave.

Meet Jhoms, my tour guide and the son of the owner of wonderful cave

There are 2 known most visited Caves that you can visit in Bolinao,  namely: the Enchanted Cave and the one that I am blogging right now. However,  according to Jhoms,  they actually have 3 in Barangay Patar now but the last one was only recently discovered.

The signage going to Enchanted Cave. I’ll post a blog soon

I have a separate blog made for Enchanted Cave,  which I will also post in this blog site – hopefully soon;   but let me share with you first the unexplainable feeling I felt when I first saw the Wonderful Cave. 

Entrance going to the cave

From the town of Bolinao,  it took us about 15 minutes ride before we arrived on the said destination. 

I was welcomed by Nanay,  the owner of the said tourist spot, who happens to be the mother of Jhoms. 

I called her Nanay, a very welcoming woman who toured me around on their home

According to Nanay,  their discovery of the said cave  at the back of their house was purely by accident;  when she and his late husband was only looking for some bird’s nest,  another source of living of locals there. From the time of its discovery (wherein they did inform the town’s municipality)  up to the present,  they are paying the appropriate government taxes –  since it was already considered a business due to volume of visitors who like to see their cave. However,  despite their family paying taxes,  the right of way going to the cave is still a rough road and on top of that,  they are obliged to give a monthly “right of way” fee to those residences before the visitors can reach their house. 

Because of the said concerns,  some of her children did consider selling the cave and the entire property where their ancestral house is situated. The remaining kids on other hand object in selling it though, ‘coz for the others,  as long as they can maintain the cleanliness of the cave,  there will always be a profit for them. 

The cave is situated at the back of the family’s house.  You have to climb a stair a few meters up,  and from there,  you will see a narrow passageway like a little tunnel going down for you to see the cave. 

The tunnel that you need to pass. Don’t worry, it will only take you a few steps

At first I was scared going down the tunnel (I had a bad experience in Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave that I will post too one of these days).  But when Jhoms already turn on the lights they made inside the cave,  I was very much delighted! 

I was literally speechless when I witness how wonderful this cave look like.  By the way,  it was named wonderful cave because according to Nanay,  when it was first discovered by them and the American husband of her cousin went there for a visit,  the only word the American uttered was “wonderful“.  And from there,  they named it The Wonderful Cave. 

Indeed,  the word wonderful is not enough to describe this unexplainable creation. And looking at it alone,  I can definitely say that God really works in mysterious ways.

Before I took a dip,  I asked Jhoms if there are any instances that high tide exists in the cave,  he said no.  But for the safety of their visitors as he continued,   they do not allow an overnight stay and those guests who brings alcohol and smokes as well.

I only took a few minutes dip because we had to squeeze the 8 hour day tour for other tourist spots in Bolinao. 

Was so excited going to our next destination after a good impression this cave had given me.  And seriously,  the Php1000 tour guide fee is all worth it seeing a beautiful place such as this. 

And for you Wonderful Cave,  you completely amaze me 💜💜💜

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