Kapangan:  When you almost touched the sky… so with your dreams

My trip in Kapangan was only out of curiosity due to a coffee originated from this place.

A very scenic view indeed

When a friend from Cordillera informed me that the place has a good scenery,  I went there without doing any necessary checking if I have a place to stay,  what are the tourist spots there,  to name a few considerations.

I have been in Sagada and Bontoc (I will post my blog the soonest) but this is the first time that I visited a certain place that I totally have no plans at all.  I just want to see the beautiful scenery my friend had told me;  at the same time,  to buy a strong coffee from there,   I once have tasted in a cafe’ I don’t remember where.

View from Taba-o Viewdeck

From the City of Pines,  if you have a private transportation,  Kapangan is only half an hour ride.  But if you will be taking a public utility jeep,  I suggest,  to come early in the Dangwa Station (the earliest trip is 7am)  because if you’ll be there late,  the probability of you not able to make it going back to Baguio City is very high. Meaning to say,  you will need to rent a place in Kapangan but seriously,  not a good idea. 

Yes, I have to ride a tricycle for me to reach the view deck. Kinda far away from the town of Kapangan though worth it, swear!

Kapangan is one of the smallest municipality in the Cordillera region having only a 20,000+ population.  As I mentioned,  I went there not even doing any research first so I ended up only seeing their famous Abong House (unfortunately,  no one is there),  the sole traveller’s Inn within the area and the Taba-o Viewdeck,  which,  I very much appreciated than the other.

Welcome to Kapangan 😀

When I went in Kapangan for a side trip,  I was dealing with some school related issues. I was even contemplating too  that time, whether I would still continue Dent School or not.  But after I almost touched the sky (literally)  in the Taba-o viewdeck,  I realized one thing though. If nature is already showing me how life is beautiful and through Kapangan,  where I can easily touch the sky if you are patient enough to reach it;   not impossible as well that I can also do it…  That one day,  I hope soon… everything will fall into right place. 

Yes you can literally touch the sky if you’re here

Happy viewing. 💛💛💛



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