Bolinao Falls 1 and 2 

Part of my Bolinao, Pangasinan escapade was going to Bolinao Falls 1 and 2.  Yes,  this was the 3rd destination I had after the cave hopping my tour guide cum tricy driver had shown me. 

As I mentioned in my Wonderful Cave blog,  to give emphasis on each wonderful creations by our Lord God almighty on the said town,  I gave each tourist spots a special place in my blogsite.  

Bolinao Falls 1

Our first destination,  Bolinao Falls 1.  From Barangay Patar,  we have to transfer to another Barangay where the two particular falls are located. (Bear with me friends I forgot to note down the said barangay we passed by for us to reach this majestic place). 

Going to the falls,  you have to be ready because you will encounter a rough road challenge!  Yes,  it will be a literal almost half an hour rough road for you to reach this magnificent with strong cascading waterfalls. 

Wish I am strong as your current Bolinao Falls 1
Can’t help but ask Jhoms to take me a picture

From Bolinao Falls 1,  it will only take you 5 to 10 minutes for you to get into Bolinao Falls 2. 

Compared with Bolinao Falls 1,  Falls 2 is a smaller version but a wider one.

Forgive me for my dark armpit! Happy Kiddo despite of an awfully hot weather😂

According to Jhoms,  my tour guide,  same with the Caves,  there is also a newly disvovered falls  #3.  However,  because of heavy rain the previous night,  it is not accessible to public.

And for you Bolinao Falls 1 and 2,  how I wish I am strong same as how your water falls….  I hope one day I’ll be and praying hard it will be soon…👧

#BolinaoFalls #BolinaoFalls1 #BolinaoFalls2


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