Lomboy and Gapuz:  When Life is Better in the Farm

I’ve got a chance to visit Lomboy Farms on my way elsewhere in Bauang, La Union.  Known as a grape picking site,  rather than a business establishment,  many visitors come here,  taking pictures with the grapes.

The Lomboy Farm Signboard

When I went on the said farm,     unfortunately,  grapes and guapple still not blossom;  so they refer me to another grape farm instead which is the Gapuz Farms.

Welcome to Gapuz Farms
Grapes in Gapuz Farms

In fairness to Lomboy,  they did not charge me any entrance fee anymore as compared to what I read on the net that they do charge Php100 for taking pictures and Php300 if you want to pick grapes.  I opted the cheaper one before going there and lucky enough ‘coz they allow me to take in pictures for free and send as well their tour guide to assist me in going to Gapuz. 

And there it is

Gapuz Farms is a few minutes away to Lomboy.  Because I tag along their tour guide instead of him bringing a motorcycle (to prevent giving him tip ‘coz I have a tight budget),  I had a chance to make a conversation with him.

In the course of my entire escapade to Gapuz,  Jimmy,  the tour guide informed me that Lomboy Farms is the pioneer in grape and guapple farming in Bauang however,  it was Gapuz who promoted the grape farming and picking in facebook and from then on,  their town became popular.

Entrance in Gapuz Farms

There are many grape and guapple farms in Bauang;  Gapuz and Lomboy to name a few.  Aside from the given fruits,  they also have dragon fruit farm and watermelons too.

Dragonfruit Tree

Aside from farming,  Jimmy is also promoting the beach resorts in their town wherein according to him,  there are no entrance fee,  you just need to pay for the cottage. 

I wasn’t able to check the beach resorts after my grape picking escapade due the bad weather condition.  But definitely,  once I return to Bauang,  I will try to see it also ❤

And to end my grape picking escapade,  let me post my signatured pose in every food trips that I had (I will post it soon also)…

Eva Fonda, huwag mo kainin ang ubas!

And to you Lomboy and Gapuz Farms,  you had really proven me that life is really better in the farm❤

Life is better in the farm

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