Take me to Paoay…Not in Hawaii!

Paoay Church is a Roman Catholic  Church located in the town of Paoay, province of Ilocos Norte. Completed year 1710, it was declared by UNESCO a heritage site on year 1993.  

The Church in the morning

The detached bell tower

Being known for having large buttress that serves as a support both on the sides and at the back of its structure, Paoay Church is a distinct example of a baroque church. 

Yours truly in front of the Church
Paoay Church at night

The solidity of its structure, even the detached bell tower weathered different natural phenomenon as well as the 1896 Revolt. If you read at the historical marker found at the main entrance of the church, you will understand why this church is so strong. Built for over 190 years, the church up to this moment is still active and personally, I don’t think we will able to find a church anywhere in the world like this. 
#Paoay #PaoayChurch


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